I thought I hated pink.

I thought I hated pink.

When I was a little girl I hated pink. If you were to ask my favorite color in grade school I would promptly announce "Blue!" I just wasn't a pink girl. I'm not sure why but the color never appealed to me. It was so bright and annoying and I believe part of it was because I was supposed to like pink. After all, I am a girl.

If you would have asked me to wear pink in high school I'm sure I would have gagged. In high school my closet consisted of clothing within the color ranges of gray, blue, black and white. I was convinced that because I was a red head I "clashed" with all other colors. And, let's be honest, it might have been an excuse not to wear pink. I have never identified with pink. It's just so, so girl-y. Don't get me wrong- girl-y is great! I love girl-y, lace, love stories and shoes (obviously) but pink just isn't me.

Pink kinda reminds me of bratty little blond girls with pigtails and sticky cotton candy. I don't want to be a bratty little girl. And funny enough blue was my desired cotton candy flavor. Pink also reminds me of Valentine's Day- which I didn't really enjoy at all growing up. I never came home with the most valentine's from my classmates and the candy was never as good as Halloween candy. Valentine's Day was a mediocre holiday based around a color I didn't much prefer.

Then things changed.

Maybe it's because I can wear all the colors of the rainbow now. Maybe it's because I have a wonderful husband and family that send me Valentine's Day cards every year. Or maybe because blue isn't my favorite color anymore. Things changed. I recently I decided I like pink and I like Valentine's day.

Yep, I like pink. It's strange. The last 5 things I bought were all pink and the last Valentine's Day was the best. It was just good and fun and I now am a believer in both the color pink and the holiday Valentine's Day.

Josh surprised me and flew the both of us down to SoCal for a long weekend! It was all around great. I got to see a few friends and spend time with my parents. I'm born and raised in SoCal.... there's just something relaxing about being in my hometown, or maybe there's something relaxing about a trip. I'm not sure... but I liked it all the same :) For Valentine's Day we drove to my favorite spot- Laguna Beach. It is one of my top 5 favorite places. Laguna to me is crusty salt water, art festivals, sun block, sand down my shorts and in between my toes, KFC, falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves, 5 people jammed in a condo, body surfing, spooking my siblings with seaweed, collecting shells, speed walking up and down the coast, sunburns... I could go on for days. See before I hated pink; I loved Laguna. My grandma owned apartments on the water and always saved one for family use. It was the best time of the summer when our family of 5 spend days on the beach, collecting both shells and freckles alike. We ate while we watched the sunset and my sister and I always got toe rings. I'm so blessed Josh knows that about me and took me there just because he knew I liked it. I love him, I love Valentine's Day and, gulp, I love pink (?).

Laguna's coast.

Josh and I during sunset.

My favorite! Tide pools.

Oh yes, and pink.

I hope Persay likes her new collar! So ridiculous, I know. But I think she can pull it off :)

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.
PS I'm back in PDX now. No more Valentine's Day trips till next year.... hint, hint!