It's been one of those weeks...

It's been one of those weeks were there is just not enough time. It might me one of those months too. Feb has just flown by. I'm not sure what other excuse to make other than I just didn't have enough time to edit all of Katie's After Session. So Sad. They will be up next week. Seriously.

I know you all are siting at the edge of your seat wondering how Persay likes her new collar. Well, I'm proud to say she loves it! She told me herself. She said she much prefers designer collars to plain ones; fuzzy blankets to towels and people food to dog food. Can you really blame her?

Prissy Persay is demanding my attention. Gotta run! Have a Perfect weekend.

Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Professional Photographers of Oregon and Shooting on Rooftops

What day is it? This week/weekend and been packed full of goodies. It reminds me of the good'ole days at Sweet Factory. You remember sweet factory, right? In high school I'd visit this little gem of a store with friends right before a movie. I'd stuff my bag with little goodies ranging from chocolate malt balls to sour patch kids. None of them went together other than the simple fact that they were all sweet - candy, shopping, movie and girlfriends. I loved it.

This past weekend reminds me of that little bag of candy. I attended the PPO (Professional Photographers of Oregon) convention from Friday-Monday. A-MAZE-ING. Seriously. It was like the entire Sweet Factory, giggly girls and movie watching was crammed into my weekend. I met so many wonderful and giving photographers offering little pieces of info, ideas, and inspiration. These info, ideas, and inspiration are my grown-up candy. The more and more I get into this profession the more I learn how giving people are. Props to the many people that it took to put this event on and Props to the speakers who flew out here to little 'ole Portland. And props to my bag of sweet ideas to take into my business.

Speaking of sweetness.... I also had the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite clients, Katie, in her wedding dress... again! It was a fabulous shot and I can't wait to edit the rest of them. You might remember Kaite from here, here or here! She is one of the best clients a person could ask for. She even baked me banana bread! See, what can I say? I've got the best clients. I truly believe that. BTW Kaite- The banana bread is almost gone, it's so so SO good!

I call this session a "After Session." Some call it a "Trash-The-Dress" session but I prefer After Session because that's exactly what it is- after your wedding. It's the opportunity to have more fun, be more creative and visit different locations that you were able to on your big day. It's such a blast! Before you have that dress cleaned let's take it out for one more spin :) Missy of Take5 Photography also joined me on the shoot.

I'll be posting the session in its entirety later this week! Until then....

Melissa Tomeoni of Soul Mates Photography.

High School Models Wanted!

Are YOU outgoing, fun and energetic?? Do you love the camera? Do you have a passion for fashion??

If so, this could be the beginning of your modeling career!

I'm looking for a fresh face from the class of 2010 in the Portland area.

You Get:
FREE Senior modeling session
FREE Rep cards to give to all your friends
FREE Facebook or Myspace web ready images!

Call and book today! Offer expires soon!
Contact Melissa at 503.933.5359 or email at

What to expect as a high school model :

Cost: FREE
This includes: senior modeling session with different locations, different outfit changes, rep cards for all your friends, web ready images for myspace and facebook and loads of fun, fun, FUN!!
When do I need to book? ASAP. I only shoot a few of these every year. Be the lucky one!
How long does it take from the time that we shoot to see my images? 3 weeks. They will all be posted online with a password protected website to show all your friends!
Can I order also? Yes! I'll set up a viewing for you and your family.
What should I wear? Bring outfit changes! Accessories and fun funky shoes are the best. Be yourself and have fun with it.
What else do I bring? Bring something that is so "YOU".... ipod, guitar, books, whatev.
How long will it last? Your session will last 2 hours at a outdoor fun funky location!

This could be YOU... are you up for it?

Back to School...

...for the weekend, that is.

It's been a crazy week- crazy month. Where did Feb go? In can't believe it's nearing the end of February and I'm off to the Professional Photographers of Oregon conference for the long weekend. So excited to learn new things, ideas and meet new people. That to say, don't expect me to be blogging on the weekend.... oh wait. I rarely do :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few thinks that I find inspiration from...
Check out Nitsa's blog "Still Alive" I found her in the blog world; I have never met her but love her constant desire to try things different. She's inspiration to me and embodies thinking outside the box. Anyway Click Here!

Another resource that has helped me greatly is the book by Julia Cameron "The Artist Way." (Or just buy it here) You don't have to be a photographer to read it, just a creative or someone who desires to be more creative. It's packed full with creative "homework" to help you figure out how to explore your inner being. Sounds hokey- I know- but I loved it. One of the 1st things she has you do is to journal every morning. I've broken that cycle last year but picked it up again in Jan. I mix journaling with prayer and know I'm a better person for it. I can think more clearly throughout the day, I have more creative ideas, and I'm more driven to accomplish my stuff.... whatever that maybe. I'm totally sold on this time in my morning and now think it's the best way to not only start my morning, but live my life.

This photo was snapped with my iphone compliments of Josh. He loved seeing his "girls" spending time together in the morning. I'm journaling/praying and Persay is keeping watch for "friends" aka squirrels. PS She really likes her new collar. I'll have to post a pic soon.

Have a great weekend all! Let me know if you like that blog and book.

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

I thought I hated pink.

I thought I hated pink.

When I was a little girl I hated pink. If you were to ask my favorite color in grade school I would promptly announce "Blue!" I just wasn't a pink girl. I'm not sure why but the color never appealed to me. It was so bright and annoying and I believe part of it was because I was supposed to like pink. After all, I am a girl.

If you would have asked me to wear pink in high school I'm sure I would have gagged. In high school my closet consisted of clothing within the color ranges of gray, blue, black and white. I was convinced that because I was a red head I "clashed" with all other colors. And, let's be honest, it might have been an excuse not to wear pink. I have never identified with pink. It's just so, so girl-y. Don't get me wrong- girl-y is great! I love girl-y, lace, love stories and shoes (obviously) but pink just isn't me.

Pink kinda reminds me of bratty little blond girls with pigtails and sticky cotton candy. I don't want to be a bratty little girl. And funny enough blue was my desired cotton candy flavor. Pink also reminds me of Valentine's Day- which I didn't really enjoy at all growing up. I never came home with the most valentine's from my classmates and the candy was never as good as Halloween candy. Valentine's Day was a mediocre holiday based around a color I didn't much prefer.

Then things changed.

Maybe it's because I can wear all the colors of the rainbow now. Maybe it's because I have a wonderful husband and family that send me Valentine's Day cards every year. Or maybe because blue isn't my favorite color anymore. Things changed. I recently I decided I like pink and I like Valentine's day.

Yep, I like pink. It's strange. The last 5 things I bought were all pink and the last Valentine's Day was the best. It was just good and fun and I now am a believer in both the color pink and the holiday Valentine's Day.

Josh surprised me and flew the both of us down to SoCal for a long weekend! It was all around great. I got to see a few friends and spend time with my parents. I'm born and raised in SoCal.... there's just something relaxing about being in my hometown, or maybe there's something relaxing about a trip. I'm not sure... but I liked it all the same :) For Valentine's Day we drove to my favorite spot- Laguna Beach. It is one of my top 5 favorite places. Laguna to me is crusty salt water, art festivals, sun block, sand down my shorts and in between my toes, KFC, falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the waves, 5 people jammed in a condo, body surfing, spooking my siblings with seaweed, collecting shells, speed walking up and down the coast, sunburns... I could go on for days. See before I hated pink; I loved Laguna. My grandma owned apartments on the water and always saved one for family use. It was the best time of the summer when our family of 5 spend days on the beach, collecting both shells and freckles alike. We ate while we watched the sunset and my sister and I always got toe rings. I'm so blessed Josh knows that about me and took me there just because he knew I liked it. I love him, I love Valentine's Day and, gulp, I love pink (?).

Laguna's coast.

Josh and I during sunset.

My favorite! Tide pools.

Oh yes, and pink.

I hope Persay likes her new collar! So ridiculous, I know. But I think she can pull it off :)

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.
PS I'm back in PDX now. No more Valentine's Day trips till next year.... hint, hint!

Nicole and Shireesh- Baby Bump

I have something to admit. I was a tad bit nervous for Shireesh and Nicole's maternity session. If you are a photographer you might spend most of your time shooting bent forward with posture worse than that of an ape. Yep, that's right. Hunched back, squinty eyes and a strained neck. It just comes with the territory. And if you are anything like me you do the same when editing. Hunched back, squinty eyes and strained neck. Horrible, but true.

You see, I was nervous not because of my ape posture, but I was nervous because Nicole and Shireesh are chiropractors. My chiropractors. Gulp. They are the ones I go to when I need to fix my hunched back and strained neck.

Nah, just kidding. They are the best back-neck-sore-pain-joint fixers one can find. Check them out at Equilibrium NW. I can't speak highly enough of their practice!

Annnnnnyway. These two are expecting their 1st bundle of j-o-y in a few short months. I can't wait to meet baby B come springtime. I think you will be able to tell this is one lucky baby. Nicole and Shireesh are going to be wonderful loving parents which is demonstrated in how they treat each other. The session was spent laughing, cracking jokes and just enjoying each others company. I had a blast shooting them with my hunched back, squinty eyes and strained neck and I think they had a good time too.

And have you seen a more ravishing mommy-to-be? I think Shireesh would agree-- Nicole looks fabbbbbulous! Alright, enough talk. On to the session...

Tanner Springs Park in The Pearl


I love this green mosaic. It's from a new condo building at the far end of The Pearl.

I've been wanting to shoot with this background for a while but the building always seems so hard to get to.

The rest were taken at the Portland Rose Garden. The garden, not the arena.

Is she not the most gorgeous mommy-to-be?

It's the same shot from above. I couldn't decide between color and B & W so I went with both.

Shireesh felt a kick!

The End.

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Lauren is 6 months old!

Seriously, could this little girl be any cuter? I think not!

Meet Lauren... again! This session was so fun because I have photographed baby Lauren as a bump, as a new born and now at 6 months. She is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. I love how expressive she was this time... laughing, blowing bubbles, "talking" to mom and everything went straight in her mouth. What a little doll with huge personality. I am so excited to photograph her again on her 1st birthday.

Check it out... Oh, and for those who are wondering both Laurens new born session and 6 month session were photographed at home.

The 1st two images are extra special. Grandma painted this tree in her bedroom. Crafty Grandma!

If anyone has a child they know what this picture unveils-- Lauren has discovered her arms move!

And who could resist a rubber ducky?!

I know Lauren is going to use this look on mom and dad when she's a toddler. I can just hear it now, "I don't know how my toys got all over the room, mom."

Don't you just want to squeeze her?

Completely candid shot sitting on her dressing table.

Little girl with a lot of toys :)

Looking at her ugly doll...

So cute. Seriously.

Last but not least... I have to admit; I love this drool left on her chinny chin chin.

I know I used the word "cute" over a hundred times in this post- but do you blame me?

Big Smiles for little babies. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

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Things I LOVE:
1. My husband, Josh. He rocks.
2. Prayer- It changes my life. Everyday.
3. California and sunshine!!!
4. Love Day- Valentine's. I really only love Valentine's Day because Josh always does something for me...
5. And last but not least....SALES!

Because I love love and I love a good sale I thought it appropriate to feature a sale this Valentines' week. Cheers to 20% off the following items!! Only one of each is available so please let me know soon if you want to put some "love" on your walls. You can either comment, email me at or simply click the Paypal button

** NOTE if you are in Portland, Oregon you can pick it up. It you are located elsewhere you must add $15 for shipping.

#1 P. Gallani

From Blogger Pictures
Title of Above: P. Gallani
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#2 Italian Menu.

Title of Above: Italian Menu.
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#3 Crusin through the 50's

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#4 Hells Canyon Byway

Title of Above: Hells Canyon Byway
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Two Hearts - SOLD!

Title of Above: Two Hearts SOLD!
Location: Venice, Italy
Size: 16x20 in/with matt
Was$125. Now $100!

**2/10/09 Update to post. #5- Two Hearts has been sold and is no longer available.
Oh, and the sale lasts only till this Saturday Feb 14 (obviously)!

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.