Logan | Graduating Senior

Well jeez. It's a good think we scheduled our session last week. This weather is very crazy and I have to admit I love it. Can anyone say Artic Blast 2.0?

Meet Logan. He's a graduating senior this year. When I scheduled the session his mom had mentioned he has dreads and plugs. I have to say I was kind of excited! I love shooting seniors 'cause they are all so unique and Logan did not disappoint. Not only does he snowboard, play the guitar and joust but he wants to be a special education teacher. We need more people like him in this world. I think his super chill, kind, carefree heart really shine through in his portraits. He's fast to smile and quick to roll things off his shoulder and apparently talented enough to pick up anything he puts his mind to (playing the guitar). If you are like anything like Logan I wanna be your friend!

Logan's session was downtown throughout The Pearl. We met at Jamison Square and wandered around from there.
Check it out...

** Addition to post** Logan actually throws javelin! My bad!! It's a track thing :)

See what I mean, that smile is killer!

Perfect timing with the street car... I love this one.

How great are the next 2 images? I'm sure this will bring back memories of his childhood for mom.

This one reminds me of an album cover.

And Jousting....

This is one of my favorites. It's so subdued yet it demands attention.



Take 5 Photography said...

Great job! Love the jumping ones!! :-)