House Guest

I'm running around like a crazy person trying to clean my place. Sarah is coming to visit and I want everything to be spotless like the good little hostess I am :) Sarah and I met during college while we were studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Her personality is as contagious as her laughter. This girl is so dear to me and I am so thrilled I get to spend a few precious days with her! I'll have to dig up a few images from our Florence days to post on Monday.

During my cleaning frenzy I came across some old photos... I mean REALLY old photos. They are in fact from my very first photo class. Ever. I think my high school photo teacher, Mr. Neeley, would be proud I still have them; I guess I'm kinda sentimental like that. I really miss the magic of the darkroom... I remember experiencing the shear joy when I successfully loaded my 1st roll of film onto the reel by touch; the excitement of images developing right before my eyes and the curiosity in learning new processes I could make out of film, paper and chemicals.

On the left is high school me. Gosh, I was cooler than whipped cream! At least the bangs are back in now! On the right is a Kodalith print. The image was taken on Catalina Island

I guess Mr. Neely wasn't too impressed with my printing... Maybe I should try and contact him to see what he thinks now! However, I doubt he's still teaching. Oh, and that's my maiden name...

Anyway, off to more cleaning. But before I go I wanted to share another photographers blog. She's been featuring working women. I know my photographer friends will find her interesting! Davina's Blog. <--- check it out!

Happy Friday!!

Big Smiles for old friends. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Embrace Life said...

Neely is still teaching there! He's such a great guy. He's bred a lot of professional photographers through that program.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Is he really still teaching there? I would love to visit his class... It's a shame I don't even live close.