House Guest Come and Gone

Sarah's the best. Harmony is her #1 in the strength finder so she is super easy to get along with. For her birthday celebration she even wanted to order my favorite cake so we could share! Love her. Love house guests.

Here's a list of things we did over the weekend.
1. Talked. A lot. We determined we haven't seen each other since our Florence group reunited in Vail, CO in 2004. WAY too long.
2. Driving tour of the 4 areas of Portland. NW, SW, NE and SE. I believe they are all very different and represent totally different vibes of Portland.
3. Ate. A lot. We cooked (Italian, of course) and drank wine. A lot. We also hit up The Nines, Oba and Papa Haydns. All of the places rock and I would revisit them in a heart beat... the dessert at Papa Haydns. To Die For!
4. Shopped NW 23rd, of course.
5. Multnomah Falls. In the snow!
6. Relaxed at the spa. We visited Bonneville Resort and Spa after the hike.
7. Ate. A lot. Again :)

Sarah, you are welcome anytime. We loved having you and it's just been way too long. You are the best house guest. Evah!

I only brought my camera when I had the worst outfit on. Oh well. Now you all know my inability to match my outfits. Such is life!

Luckly we were able to hike Multnomah falls even with the snow. So fun and so very gorgeous!
Left is Sarah and I and on the right is Josh, Persay and I.

This is specifically for comedic value only. Gosh sometimes she's so ugly she's cute!

I've got another house guest coming at the end of February. I need more ideas, people. Portlanders if you were having someone come in where would you take them?? Post the ideas in my comment box.

Big Smiles for old friends. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Winnie said...

Suggestions: Screen Door for brunch is a must! Saucebox happy hour, then Doug Fir Lounge or Rontom's to get the Portland vibe.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Super idea!! I'm totally doing it. Thanks Win!