Experiential Learning

"They" say there are two different types of "smarts" in the world. The conventional way of thinking about intelligence would be termed "book smart" while the people who learn best by experiencing would be called "street smarts". Both are wonderful in their own right; we need both to make this world go 'round. I'm willing to guess MLK was street smarts given this countries social stature at the time. Before I go any further happy MLK day to you. Happy dream day, Happy one person can make a difference day- amen to that!

Like I was saying book smarts and street smarts are both wonderful. I'm also willing to bet that- like in everything else- if you identify with one type then you wish you were a little bit more of the other. The "grass is greener on the other side" thing. I am the street smarts of the family and my husband is the book smarts. I'm also wishing that I was a tiny bit more book smart... is anyone else like that? Wishing they were a little bit more on the other side? I learn best by experience. I love to try anything once and draw my own conclusions, adjust and move on. I learn more about anything and everything by experiencing it. I don't mind sitting in class I just don't retain it like others, say Josh, for example. Josh can sit in a class, listen and remember every fact, date and name that was taught. I'd be the one furiously taking notes only to review, review, review come test time. I wish I was more like him. To book smart people, studying is reading. To street smart people, studying is days of flash cards, books, notes, more books and caffeine. Oh the wasted hours reviewing the Periodic Table have been lost in time forever!

All that to say Friday was my experiential learning day. I took self portraits in different lighting trying desperately to get out of my creative box. I think it's so important for photographers to get on the other side of the lens to remind ourselves what it's like to be our clients! I believe I succeeded. I tried to stretch my style and it was fun! I learned more, I have different ideas and I was creative. Gosh, it felt so good to learn! No flash cards required.

Cropped super tight and edited with a cross processing effect brings out the really bright colors.

In b&w

yep, it's me.

What they say about redheads are true....!! :)

Normal couples spend Friday nights at the movies. Not us! We went out shooting...

Yummy! Love this one... and this man :)

Flash was shot straight into camera.

NOTE: For photographers these were all taken at night (pitch black) with a shutter around 2-3 seconds and f5.6. We ran around with an external flash off camera. Fun stuff! You should try it!

We only lasted about 45 minutes cause I'm sure it was under 20 degrees with the windchill. Burrr.

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



~*Rayne*~ said...

Great photos.....i am just itching for summer to come so i can get outside....instead of always taking pictures inside :) :)

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

i know it! we only lasted 45 minutes cause it was about 20 degrees with the windchill! I can't wait for warm sunny days!

KP said...

TOTALLY know what you mean about the book/street smarts. James is the same way (book smart, can remember every fact) and I'm people/places/street smart.

PS beautiful pics!

Erin said...

ohhh these are all my favorite!! especially the top ones of the girl. i want mine to look this whispy, soft and magical. AND great textures :D

also beautiful blog! i am just green with blog envy ;). so crisp and clean. no non-sense