Best of 2008: Weddings

Huge shout out to my 2008 brides and grooms. You guys rock! I couldn't do it without you nor could I have imagined a more wonderful way to spend my work day. Thanks a million for making me fall in love with my job more and more. AND for being so wonderful to work with. Cheers to 2008.

For the record there are so many good ones. I've just chosen a few that struck a cord deep within my heart, ones that make me smile and long for warm summer days.

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



~*Rayne*~ said...

Photos are amazing. I can only hope to one day be that good.

I noticed you commented on my photos of my wine. LOL. We never run out my hubby makes it and it is very good!!

thanx for the comments they are greatly appreciated!!