Best of 2008: Seniors

Like I said a little earlier - I'm in the process of updating my portrait site and I'm just about done. Best clients of 2008 and can only hope for the same for 2009. Here are some featured seniors from my reorganized portrait site.

Check it out... Let me know what your favorite image is and why!

I think this is so Amelia... It's how I picture her spending her free time...

If anyone knows seniors that need senior portraits let me know! I love shooting seniors and hope to do many many more this year.

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



KP said...

Ameilia: the third one (where she's sitting with her back to you, i like it because it's flattering and it's kind of mysterious)

the girl with the paintings on the wall: the third one (i love the angle and the art)

Rebecca: the last one, where she's leaning against a wall with a soft smile, because it's very pretty, and focuses on her face

the girl with the short hair: the last one on the right

the last girl: the last picture on the left, the colored one with the snowboard

Mortgage Freedom and Financial Services, Inc. said...

I love them all, it's so hard to choose a favorite! I may have to go with Rebecca with the umbrella, awesome!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

OH My... you guys are so sweet. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I hope the clients read that! So sweet.