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Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Logan | Graduating Senior

Well jeez. It's a good think we scheduled our session last week. This weather is very crazy and I have to admit I love it. Can anyone say Artic Blast 2.0?

Meet Logan. He's a graduating senior this year. When I scheduled the session his mom had mentioned he has dreads and plugs. I have to say I was kind of excited! I love shooting seniors 'cause they are all so unique and Logan did not disappoint. Not only does he snowboard, play the guitar and joust but he wants to be a special education teacher. We need more people like him in this world. I think his super chill, kind, carefree heart really shine through in his portraits. He's fast to smile and quick to roll things off his shoulder and apparently talented enough to pick up anything he puts his mind to (playing the guitar). If you are like anything like Logan I wanna be your friend!

Logan's session was downtown throughout The Pearl. We met at Jamison Square and wandered around from there.
Check it out...

** Addition to post** Logan actually throws javelin! My bad!! It's a track thing :)

See what I mean, that smile is killer!

Perfect timing with the street car... I love this one.

How great are the next 2 images? I'm sure this will bring back memories of his childhood for mom.

This one reminds me of an album cover.

And Jousting....

This is one of my favorites. It's so subdued yet it demands attention.

House Guest Come and Gone

Sarah's the best. Harmony is her #1 in the strength finder so she is super easy to get along with. For her birthday celebration she even wanted to order my favorite cake so we could share! Love her. Love house guests.

Here's a list of things we did over the weekend.
1. Talked. A lot. We determined we haven't seen each other since our Florence group reunited in Vail, CO in 2004. WAY too long.
2. Driving tour of the 4 areas of Portland. NW, SW, NE and SE. I believe they are all very different and represent totally different vibes of Portland.
3. Ate. A lot. We cooked (Italian, of course) and drank wine. A lot. We also hit up The Nines, Oba and Papa Haydns. All of the places rock and I would revisit them in a heart beat... the dessert at Papa Haydns. To Die For!
4. Shopped NW 23rd, of course.
5. Multnomah Falls. In the snow!
6. Relaxed at the spa. We visited Bonneville Resort and Spa after the hike.
7. Ate. A lot. Again :)

Sarah, you are welcome anytime. We loved having you and it's just been way too long. You are the best house guest. Evah!

I only brought my camera when I had the worst outfit on. Oh well. Now you all know my inability to match my outfits. Such is life!

Luckly we were able to hike Multnomah falls even with the snow. So fun and so very gorgeous!
Left is Sarah and I and on the right is Josh, Persay and I.

This is specifically for comedic value only. Gosh sometimes she's so ugly she's cute!

I've got another house guest coming at the end of February. I need more ideas, people. Portlanders if you were having someone come in where would you take them?? Post the ideas in my comment box.

Big Smiles for old friends. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

House Guest

I'm running around like a crazy person trying to clean my place. Sarah is coming to visit and I want everything to be spotless like the good little hostess I am :) Sarah and I met during college while we were studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Her personality is as contagious as her laughter. This girl is so dear to me and I am so thrilled I get to spend a few precious days with her! I'll have to dig up a few images from our Florence days to post on Monday.

During my cleaning frenzy I came across some old photos... I mean REALLY old photos. They are in fact from my very first photo class. Ever. I think my high school photo teacher, Mr. Neeley, would be proud I still have them; I guess I'm kinda sentimental like that. I really miss the magic of the darkroom... I remember experiencing the shear joy when I successfully loaded my 1st roll of film onto the reel by touch; the excitement of images developing right before my eyes and the curiosity in learning new processes I could make out of film, paper and chemicals.

On the left is high school me. Gosh, I was cooler than whipped cream! At least the bangs are back in now! On the right is a Kodalith print. The image was taken on Catalina Island

I guess Mr. Neely wasn't too impressed with my printing... Maybe I should try and contact him to see what he thinks now! However, I doubt he's still teaching. Oh, and that's my maiden name...

Anyway, off to more cleaning. But before I go I wanted to share another photographers blog. She's been featuring working women. I know my photographer friends will find her interesting! Davina's Blog. <--- check it out!

Happy Friday!!

Big Smiles for old friends. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Best of 2008: Kids

The final "Best of 2008" post. I've updated my portrait site to include a handful of images from the featured sessions. I love it so much better because it makes it easier to organize and potential clients can have a better idea of a range of images taken at each session. Sweet!

Here are the little ones... I have a shout out to all the parents! They were awesome doing just as much work as I was during the session. Thanks for being so helpful!! I don't know how they do it!! Whew.

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Best of 2008: Seniors

Like I said a little earlier - I'm in the process of updating my portrait site and I'm just about done. Best clients of 2008 and can only hope for the same for 2009. Here are some featured seniors from my reorganized portrait site.

Check it out... Let me know what your favorite image is and why!

I think this is so Amelia... It's how I picture her spending her free time...

If anyone knows seniors that need senior portraits let me know! I love shooting seniors and hope to do many many more this year.

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.