Snow Day

As you know we are in the "artic blast" and I believe today is the most intense. That to say we will be staying inside.

I'm totally one of those people that loves this. I mean l-o-v-e this weather. I've discovered that I love the extreme. I love when it's super hot, I love when the tulips have just come out for spring, I love the buckets of fall leaves scattered around the roads and I love this crazy snow storm. They are always brief extremes but I love them nontheless. I mean comeone! How could this not be fun?!

Here are a few images from earlier this week. We took walks, and threw snowballs at Persay...she ate the snowballs... you know, the usual. We warned her-- don't eat the yellow snow.

Of course she has a jacket!

I think Persay hates photo ops. Make that I know Persay hates photo ops. Thanks to Josh here are a few photos of us.

This so cal girl is just enamored with these snow flakes.

Someone is seeking shelter.... she cracks me up!

Can you say "Dumb and Dumber"?

This is what I call the "ugly smile" during snow day.

I hope you all have a warm, fun, save weekend!!
Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Bonnie Lewis said...

Oh my goodnes!!! PLEASE can Persay be cuter in that puffy vest?!!? Melissa, what great shots!!!!! These are truly beautiful!!!

Zoey said...

Where did you get that vest?! I bought a sweatshirt for Copper off of (great service, and wonderful prices!) but it doesn't have that nice curve underneath so he...ahem...soiled his cute little outfit a couple times. He loves the snow too! We were in Utah and he would just run, run, run, stick his face in it and get snowy icicles all over his whiskers before coming inside. Cute!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

I know it! How cute is she?!

Zoey-- You will not believe this. Old Navy. I bet anything they have one in Coppers size. This is the small as Persay is 25 pounds. Check it out online. Did you post some pic's of Copper in the snow?