Merry Christmas to my blog!!!

Okay, I am so excited. No scratch that-- thrilled! My new blog is done and designed. Hurray! No need to change your RSS feed or bookmarks... all the same just totally new look. A totally rad, knock your socks off, eat another batch of butterscotch clusters fabulous look for 2009!

I am in love with my blog. Thanks to Teresa at So Chic Design. If you are thinking about getting a new look for 2009 contact her through her website! She is a doll to work with-- super creative, on the up and up with html and is able to answer never ending requests. Thanks Teresa! I am thrilled!

Oh, and speaking of Christmas it is looking like ours is going to be white! Here's our house complete with holiday cheer.

This little light of mine.

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



KP said...

love the new look, and super jealous of the snow! :)