Carrie and Kevin- Best of Portland

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my clients? Seriously. They are the best of Portland. I'm considering nominating all of them for the award. I owe it to my clients for the creativity, the locations, the encouragement and the excitement in my work. They are awesome and they not only make me a better shooter, but a better person. They all deserve a gold star-- at the least!

Carrie and Kevin are no exception. They were so fun and up for anything. I honestly believe they might be the most flexible couple I have come across. If you've been in front of my lens you know I always meet at our location regardless of the weather. I woke up last Saturday and looked outside to find a very blah (gray skies), cold (37 degrees) forecast. None-the-less I got ready and met them at their place as scheduled. I gave them 3 options; #1 shoot as scheduled outdoors at Lewis and Clark, #2 reschedule, or #3 revamp the session schedule and shoot indoors. My choice was #3- revamp and shoot indoors.... and so was theirs!

I am SO glad we chose to do so. Some of the most unique locations yet! We started at their home cause Carrie and Kevin have- get this- 2 dogs AND 2 cats! It's a full house, people and they wanted to include the doggies. We then ventured to their favorite place to grab a cup o' joe-- Pappacino's Coffee House. Then we went to the market, and then we did finally hit up Lewis and Clark for some freezing outdoor shots. Talk about variety! I loved it all and I hope you do too! Check it out.

Check out Carrie! Smoking hot!

But not serious for too long :)

On to Pappacino's Coffee House. SEE! I'm telling you-- Best of Portland.

They were laughing the whole time! I can't wait to capture them during the ceremony!

Dog lovers at heart. I love this one-- It's right before I told Kevin he should open the magazine :)

And off for a little shopping...

These are my favorite. I think. I love all 4 of these "through the window shots". I just love the color saturation, the hanging light, the horizon line, the look on their faces and the composition. I can't help but smile when I see these images. I'm a sucker for the "outsider" shots. The ones taken when in the in between.

Do you like this better in B and W

Or color?

And last but not least the Lewis and Clark campus. I am so glad we made it here because I love the old brick buildings. AND get this- Kevin's grandpa (right, Kevin? or was it uncle?) had land that was later given to the campus. Talk about family history!

I love that this one below looks like it was taken at the coast. I also love this comfortable look. They look so content with each other.

See! I'm not kidding! They were always laughing.

Do I hear save-the-date?

Can't forget kitty...

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Carrie Benson said...

Melissa you are awesome! I can't stop looking at our photos, I love them:)
Thanks so much~~

Kevin Goodwin said...

Thank you so much Melissa, the pictures were beyond our wildest dreams. Merry Christmas.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

oh goodness, you are SO welcome! You guys were the best- I had a blast! Merry Christmas to you too!