Angie and Tom.... and Oliver too!!

Words can't express how I love the story behind the location. It adds a deeper chapter to Tom, Angie and Oliver's life story. They have a gorgeous property that lies on the Willamette River in addition to a hazelnut orchard complete with old barn that has been in the family for two generations. I'm sure in a few years Angie and Tom will be a sharing stories of Oliver and Max (Oliver's cousin) playing together in the Willamette and tales of endless hide 'n seek throughout the wonderfully re-done '65 ranch home. And story upon story of the boys climbing hazelnut trees like monkeys. I'm excited for them. A smile creeps across my face as I imagine their enjoyment during this chapter of life.

Angie and Tom, you guys are wonderful! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to document this fleeting moment in your and Oliver's life. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and introducing me to your family. Oliver and Max did a fabulous job!

I love Oliver's quick glance up for affirmation. He's just learning to walk.

A few fun moments with Dad.

A tender kiss from mom.

Okay. I love this image below. I love the casual-ness, I love the history of the orchard and barn. I love this new family standing with its history and I love the yummy light. Plus the fact that they are all so adorable really helps.

We were taking a short break because it was freezing outside and everyone had gathered in the living room. Slowly the little ones began to interact. Look at Max's face! He is SO interested in Oliver.

Nothing like dancing with mama.

Another favorite. I really love the warm color cast, Oliver's tickle face and his wooden toy in the foreground.

Here they are! Cousins!

Oliver is holding Max's hand! You should have heard both moms behind me-- nearly screaming because they though it was so adorable... and... well, it is!

Have you ever seen two more adorable little boys?

I love this one too! They are all laughing... I'm not sure If I like it better in color...

Or in black and white.

Tom, Angie and Oliver at home.

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.