Retro Jody and Gill-- Engaged!

Jody and Gill

During our very first meeting Jody asked me about the engagement session. I explained the usual: 1-2 hours shooting on location of your choice. Engagement session comes with the hi-res files and permission to reproduce for personal use... As I continue to jabber on I notice this slight sparkle in Jody's eye. The moment I pause she asks a very important question-- "Have you ever shot a themed engagement session?" I respond, "No, but of course I would be up for it because I'm always up for something different." Jody proceeds, "Well..." But she stops herself. Giggles and waves her hand as if to dismiss her idea all together. "Oh, nothing." After a few times back and forth me trying to convince her to share and she just giggling. Jody pauses as she looks as Gill. "Well we really haven't discussed it yet." As they are staring at each other he says, "I think I have the same idea you have." She says, "I don't know if you do." He says, "I bet I do." And as if that HAD discussed it a thousand times they say something to the extent of "... a retro themed engagement..." More giggles.

Of course everyone is excited! Fun for them, fun for me. I'm thrilled and become more excited as they start explaining these ideas that include items like old LIFE magazines, a vintage vacuum cleaner, a smoking pipe, an ironing board even a vintage kitchen mixer. It seems to me this retro 50's theme is just so Jody and Gill. It's just their "thing." If I can speak for them we had a blast!

Jody and Gill-- here's your idea come to life. I had such a great time conjuring up ideas between man and woman that were so prevalent in the 50's. Thanks for being up for something different, something out of the ordinary! You two are just adorable! I can't wait for your wedding next year. Enjoy!

NOTE: I edited many of these images with a yellow cast (photo filter) to simulate a older look. I think it really makes the images more believable. I would love to see these printed on a fiber based paper. Fun!

GASP! They are touching!

Ahhhhh. Nothing beats a afternoon of ironing.

I love the look on Gill's face. The raised eyebrows, the one finger button pushing. Can't you just imagine Gill looking like this in another 40 years?

Home sweet home.

Jody is so adorable! Look at that laugh.

I love the outfits they were wearing. Perfect for a lovely fall day.

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Anonymous said...

i want to do retro wedding invites for them!! - meg

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

you would do a fabulous job! Aren't they adorable?!

Anonymous said...

Melissa-we love the photos!! It was such a fun afternoon and we had a great time. Thank you for helping us carry out our theme dream ; )
You did an amazing job!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Jody-- I am SO glad you love them :) I do too!

~*Rayne*~ said...

You Take amazing photos, they are beautiful!!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

thanks rayne! i'm so glad you found me!

Embrace Life Photography said...

What a fun shoot! Great ideas.