The Land of Friends and Potatoes.

"Laughter is the closest distance between two people." - Victor Borge.

I fully agree with Victor (cause we're on a 1st name basis). One of my most enjoyable moments in life are the ones where I struggle to breathe. Times when my eyes tear up and my mascara runs down my face. Moments where I'm sure I'm at my ugliest and cringing from stomach pain. Moments all because of laughter. Gut wrenching laughter.

This past weekend distance was no more and laughter was abundant. College friends gathered in the land of potatoes for a weekend of "I do's", laughter and fun-- sans distance.

On our drive to Boise, Idaho.


1st Dance for Brandon and Amanda!

Josh and I with the newlyweds. I know they'll have fun in on their tropical honeymoon. Lucky!

Josh, me, Bonnie and Cy. Josh and Cy were roommates during all 4 years of college.

Me, Kali and Bonnie.

Team Tomeoni.

Jon, Jana, me and Josh. Jon married us over 2 years ago! It was so wonderful to see them again.

I found myself at 7pm on Friday painted on the side of a wall in downtown Boise! I love wine.

Cheers to friends, wine and laughter. Of course!

Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.