Amy and Colin-- Engaged!

Burrr. It was a frigid day! How appropriate it was to be shooting in a place where the town motto is "A Century Just Blew By." (!)

People often ask me if the locations I go to are my idea-- some are and some are not. I would love to hold my head high and proclaim that I chose this location. I scouted it out. I weaved in and out of Oregon’s' country roads to find this gem of a location. But alas, it was Amy's idea, and a great one at that! This tiny town of Troutdale, Oregon is more to Amy than a fun place to shop for antiques and eat old fashioned ice cream. It's her past hometown and hopefully her and Colin’s' future hometown. It does consist of a downtown, but unknown to most of the general pubic, there are many old buildings just begging to be the next big backdrop in a photo shoot. At the end of "downtown" there is a single railroad car and a museum. So darling!

I am totally looking forward to Amy and Colin’s' wedding in summer 2009. Unfortunately, these two are spending a majority of their engagement long distance. But fortunately (for me) that makes for a very affectionate couple! I enjoyed this engagement session so much! Amy and Colin, thanks for braving the wind in your adorably stylish outfits and for keeping me entertained for the duration of the shoot. I had a blast with you guys and am confident it will be the same on your wedding day. Thanks for teaching me there are more than a few types of potatoes in the world, how to be adorable 24/7, and informing me about our soon to be local snowboard coach. If anyone out there is interested in snowboarding lessons you gotta hit Colin up! Maybe I'll catch you guys on the mountain during the season, but then again, maybe not...


Check out the very 1st image above. I put their wedding date directly on the railroad car. Did someone say "save-the-date"?

Delicious! I love the one below... love the pose, love the background, love it all!

They were snuggling the whole time. I'm pretty sure that's the only direction I gave them was "stand right here and snuggle up."

We found this awesome old truck! I love mixing clean classy outfits and the rustic old buildings...and this sweet old Chevy.

Amy looks AWESOME!

I really enjoy this image below because of the clean window placement and the color composition (white shirt/ white window, yellow shirt/ green grass). AND Their beautiful smiles, of course!

I included the next 2 images simply because it illustrates how affectionate the two were together. It's all about the little things.

The End...

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Lisa said...

Looks like you all had fun. I like the the affectionate b&w...I can sense some of the emotion through the picture. Cute downtown, too!