Matt and Emily-- Married!

"Okay," I say, "this is going to be a serious one so go ahead and try not to smile." Emily does her best to squelch the "kid in a candy store" grin she has been wearing all day. The moment her lips form a straight line she burst out laughing again. Serious was not made for Emily and Matt.

Their entire wedding day was like this. Smiles upon laughter followed by more smiles. You name it, there there was laughter there-- our session before, the ceremony, the toasts and the reception. It was a joy-filled day of close family and friends.

Matt and Emily, I hope you two enjoyed your wedding day! You truly were a blast to work with. I wish you all the best and may your life be filled with many more home improvement projects!


We started at the Rhododendron Garden in SE Portland. It's gorgeous this time of the year. Apparently the bride and groom both spent time here as kids. They could have fed ducks together at the age of 5 and never knew it!

I love how Matt's tie matches the fall leaves.

Emily included her grandmothers cameo when decorating her bouquet. I love it when brides incorporate part of their story into the wedding details.

Ah-ha! One of the only serious moments.

The Reed College campus is directly across from the gardens... we also shot there and I love how they turned out!

Easily my favorite... I'm a sucker for old brick buildings. I love the red and blue bikes flanking the sides of the entryway.

I also love this old dorm couch we found... It looks like these tow have been talking here for hours.

Okay, and I love the fall leaves. Matt and Emily were such good sports!

Their ceremony and reception was held at a private residence with only close friends and family for their intimate event.

Emily and her mom.

Thank for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



KP said...

the groom looks SO familiar... did he go to Chapman or anything? i swear I know him from somewhere.

beautiful pictures, as always!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

They went to Claremont McKenna... maybe you know them from there??

Leslie said...

They actually went to Pomona College in Claremont. They're both originally from Portland, though.

Great pictures! I'm surprised you got any shots of them not smiling!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Thanks Leslie! I was close, but not close enough... Pomona it is.

It was hard-- they are such joy-filled people!