I've been tagged

Sweet Bonnie tagged me! I don't really know what to share... I'm more of a "ask me a question and I'll tell you" person. So, here are my random facts:

1. Thanksgiving to me is a stressful, chaotic, bustling holiday and I prefer it that way.
2. I LOVE to rearrange furniture.
3. Coco with homemade whipped cream is a favorite of mine.
4. I was in a really bad accident earlier this year and am still recovering. I am afraid to drive in the snow this winter because of it.
5. So far this year I have taken 10 trips with another 2 fast approaching. Jeez!
6. I'm becoming obsessed with etsy.com
7. I'm the oldest! I've got a younger sister and a younger brother.

I'm sure a few of these facts surprise me more than they might surprise you (#5, 6 and 4)!

Alright, Josh , Winnie , Paula, Jen, Becky, Lisa , and Taylor , it's your turn!

Thanks for reading more about me. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.