For Photographers- Get out there and shoot!

I am so excited to start sharing my knowledge of photography with other photographers... here we go!

One of the best ways to learn, in my humble opinion, is to get out there and shoot. Seriously! If you are a photographer, just enjoy taking pictures, or a professional I encourage you to just go out there and shoot for yourself. Do something different. Do something you are not comfortable with. Didn't your mama ever tell you the fastest was to learn is to practice??

Today I rented a 85mm perspective control lens (if you're a Canon person it would be tilt shift) and played. PC is typically used for architecture but when tweaked to the extreme level can provide a really small plane of focus fun and different for portraits.

These were all taken in NW around 23rd and Turmand. Click the image to view image in full glory. In the image below you can see the only field in focus is the lower one with the soccer players.

This one is a bit confusing... I'm not sure where to look! It's a clear sign fall is on it's way.

Here the plane is vertical with the trunk of the tree.

The small focal plane draws the viewers eye directly to where you want them to look first. In the one below your eye goes directly to the Obama sign because it's blue and the most in focus.

I could not decide if which I liked better... b&w or color.

Get out there and shoot! Especially before it starts raining buckets.

I hope you enjoyed these images. I sure did enjoy taking them! Thanks for visiting. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



KP said...

the color one!

i really love the pink and black tree one :)