Bubbly, Fun, Texas Genessa

Bubbly, Fun, Texas Genessa. 

Yes, I have just returned from Austin, Texas... ya’ll. I was told by a lady at the hotel I HAD to say "ya’ll" at least once. I believe blogging it counts, don't you? I didn't tell ya’ll because I still had access to email and phone because of my super fabulous iphone. And no worries ya’ll, I'm back.

Thankfully trapped between the matrix of live music, cowboy boots, and pool days I broke for Genessa's session. I am so glad I did... the Texas light is gorgeous!

If I had only 3 words to describe Genessa I would say fun, exciting and colorful. I am SO glad she brought along her cowgirl hat for the session. It was an awesome way to add a little twang to her portraits. During her session she was laughing and smiling nonstop. In the beginning she even admitted she was having a hard time with her serious expressions. If you are a past client of mine you know how I work; I typically switch between smiling requests and serious requests. Before you know it, you're laughing because it feels so ridiculous to smile, straight face, smile, straight face. Then I get my real smile AFTER all the facial exercise... my poor clients ;) Regardless, this girl has got one seductive look and I successfully snagged it a few times. 

Thanks Genessa for allowing me to "up-date" your parents’ portrait of you. Genessa told me the last portrait her parents have of her is from high school... isn't that the truth for so many of us! She's going to be gifting portraits to her parents and grandparents for Christmas. What a great idea! And quote, "It's so much more personal than anything else I would give them!" True that ya’ll. 


It's so hard to pick a favorite, but I just might have to say this is it. I love all the elements; hat, genuine Genessa smile; coordinating jewelry. It's like I just snagged this one while she was laughing with friends.

Well, this might be my favorite too...

And these are pretty high up there too!

Seriously, don't you just love the cowgirl hat??

This one below was Genessa's idea. I think it turned out great! I love it when clients make suggestions.

This was how the entire session went.... laughing and more laughing!

I love the way the bottom few turned out with the dressy outfit and the rugged background.

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Rebecca Owen said...

are these really in texas?

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

They sure are! They were taken a the Hyatt Lost Pines right outside of Austin, TX.