After Session-- Megan and Bryce

I'm trying to figure out how to begin this story of Megan and Bryce's after session. I decide there is nothing better than the truth....

Meg and Bryce and good friends of Josh and mine. In fact, Megan's an uber talented graphic artist whom I'm collaborating with the bring you some freshly designed Christmas cards, but more on that later. Be sure to check out her company, Studio M, by clicking here.

The after session came to us during a "work" meeting. I say work surrounded by quotation marks because, let's be honest, when it's friends it become less about work and more about the friends part. Am I right?? Big Smiles. The conversation evolves simply, I mention I want to do an after session in a hotel. Meg adds she wants a redo cause she was not happy with her dress the 1st time around. Viola!! A few weeks go by and we've got a custom wedding dress designed by Embellish, unique flowers from Sammy's and an awesome backdrop thanks to aloft hotel a vision of The W Hotel chain which just opened over at Cascade Station.

A HUGE thanks for Megan, her creative accessories, and contact with Embellish. An even BIGGER THANKS to her husband Bryce who is under the impression he's getting a street bike for his efforts.
Be sure to click the images to view them larger... Enjoy!

I just L-O-V-E this one!

The image below was shot with the PC lens I was talking about here.

Meg is just smoking hot.

I love this window light spilling over them.

The lobby of the hotel has a pool table, no joke.

I also really like this image because Meg is hot and because the green accents are unexpected in 3 different locations.

The flowers... Bryce is wearing a succulent and the bouquet has cabbage in it! I love texture, can you tell?

We ventured back to their place to get Mandy, their dane, in a few.

The casual on below is on of my favorites. It makes me nostalgic for summer days on the porch sipping lemonade.

And come casual ones, of course!

I hope they use the one of the ones below on their Christmas card!

I hope you guys love these as much as I do! Thanks for visiting, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Anonymous said...

Lovely!!! You're the best. - Meg

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these pics! Pictures reflect that Megan and Bryce are friends and like each other...find myself smiling while I view them.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

I am so glad you love 'em!!

Mortgage Freedom and Financial Services, Inc. said... usual. You take a challenge and outdo yourself every time. I love them!!!

Taylor said...

These are so great, Melissa! Well done!

Winnie said...

you and meg make a great team. nice work, i love them. I wish I knew you when Jason and I got married.

Lisa said...

Wow, SUCH artistry! Very inspiring!!

Brandon said...

very creative. looks great.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

thanks everyone! it's helpful when you have such great looking people to work with!