Out of town returning Sept 24th--Wonderful Canada

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Katie and Brendan's wedding last night. I met some wonderful and wonderfully funny people. Congratulations again you two, I hope you have a wonderful Mexican honeymoon!

Since the wonderful wedding, I've downloaded and backed up all images, slept wonderfully, packed... and, that's it. I'm off to the wonderful land of the Canadians! I'm wonderfully excited because I think it's wonderful up there and because I'll be visiting my wonderful family up in that wonderful place (Vancouver, B.C.).

It's a wonder how full the schedule gets sometimes...! I will have limited access to phone and email. I will respond to all you wonderful people when I return on October 1st, eyh.


Melissa :)

Wonder if I need more full sleep? :)
Image from www.destination360.com