Oregon Trip Days 7-8

Thanks for hanging in there! There we just so many great shots I wanted to share... (with my parents-- thanks for always reading mom and dad!) Just kidding, sort of.

Anyway...! Remember the map of our trip is here.

Day 7-- Finishing the drive through Hells Canyon to stay at in John Day.

I was map girl.

We totally stopped at the OR Trail in Baker City!! SO cool. Oregon's history is very new to me because I didn't attend grade school here. All I really knew of the Oregon Trail before this stop on our road trip was the computer game titled Oregon Trail we use to play on the very 1st Apple computer in grade school back in California. Regardless... I really feel like I connected with this state ;)

Can you find us?? Such dorks.

PS Did you know there are STILL grooves from the wagons?? Yep, you can hike down the trail and check them out. I'm not kidding.

Back in the car again...

Day 8 - the John Day Fossil Beds.

This was a sign at the fossil beds... I didn't realize fossils were alive.

Check out the rock layers...

Hiking in the midst of blue layers of ash.

The Painted Hills. They really look like that. No Joke.

Persay enjoyed the hills too.

This cracks me up!! I wanted a picture of the back of our heads and painted hills since we spent so much time staring at them. I didn't really care if Persay was in the picture or not so I didn't pay attention to her. Meanwhile, she got curious about the camera beeping and went to explore. She tilts her head when she's trying to understand and at that exact moment the shutter fires. hahaHA. I know we will cherish this image for a long time.

Red. Seriously.

And to polish off our trip we went diggin for fossils in Fossil, Oregon. Yes, you can! It's behind the high school and you can keep what you find! Again, not kidding. We found leaf fossils and I've got to figure out how to display them.

All in all the trip rocked. Really, how often does one roast mallows 8 days in a row, find fossils, see ghost towns, hike in national parks, get snowed on, and live in the same pj's for over a week straight?!

PS Don't tell but we cut our trip 1 night short. I wanted real food, a real shower and a real bed. nothing beats the comforts of home sweet home :)

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



AshlandFive said...

Wow,those are beautiful pictures of the painted mountains. Took my breath away!!!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Thanks Ashland Family! They took my breath away too!