Oregon Trip Days 4-7

Yep we're on the road again...! We used a ton of resources from Travel Oregon including magazines, road maps and scenic byway information.

We were on the "Journey through time" scenic byway for a lot of the remainder of our trip.

I swear this isn't a mirage ;)

Long open road...

Lakeview, Oregon!

We made it to a Rodeo!

We camped on state line right below Lakeview... between CA and OR if anyone is confused.

This shop, "Just Stuff" was amazing. It was our only souvenir shopping of the trip. It just so happens I picked up a yellow plate mangled in the plethora of "just stuff" and by chance turned it over to read "calif ware by tomeoni." I know I did a double take because Tomeoni is my last name! I asked the shop keep where she picked up the plate but she couldn't recal... amazing. Has anyone ever had anything like that happen to them??

More of Just Stuff

This Cheveron pump was chillin in the middle of a field behind Just Stuff.

Day 5- Crane hot springs

Lake Abert

Our camp site at Crane Hot Springs.

The hot springs at Crane. It ranges fron 97 - 107 degrees all the time.

Day 6- Loooong drive to Wallowa Lake through Hells Canyon.

The ghost town of Whitney. I love ghost towns!

The living ghost town of Sumpter.

What more could you need...groceries, ice, guns, bait, tackle.

Persay wants to come play.

Hells Canyon

The little town of Joseph.

Day 7- Wallowa Lake

Fishing... I caught one but he got way about 5 feet from shore :( So, we went out to dinner in Joseph instead.

My experience with wildlife.

Just cause she's hysterical...

The "please pick me up I am so done with camping" face.

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.