I'm back from Canada

My apologizes. I clearly DID need more sleep because I had been looking at the incorrect week when I posed the last post (it's fixed now)! I'm back and will be returning all emails asap :)

If you guys haven't been to Vancouver, B.C.- go. It's gorgeous, the people are so charming and the city is beautiful... not to mention the plethora of shopping opportunities! But really, it's such a lovely city... Josh and I decided it reminds us of a mix of Portland for the eclectic areas and multiple bridges; San Fran because of the downtown feel and the size; Seattle because of the hill-like nature to view the ocean with every turn. It's so great there! We were blessed with this quick trip to see family and explore the city.

Downtown view from Kitsilano beach.

Robson Street.

Check back soon for the posting of Katie and Berndan's wedding! Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.