FACES Event-- Concert Under the Stars

About a week ago I had a wonderful opportunity to donate my time and efforts to the FACES Foundation. FACES Foundation is an wonderful nonprofit dedicated to the education and repair of cleft lip and pallet abroad in Spanish peaking countries. To learn more about FACES click here.

FACES Foundation held a fundraising evening filled with good music and wonderful food at a gorgeous residence in SE Portland. AND I had the opportunity to photograph this event! Not only did I come away with wonderful photographs for the nonprofit but I had the opportunity to meet wonderful intelligent people whom I would have never come into contact with if it weren't for FACES.

Cafe Femenino, a fair trade coffee bean. Click here to learn more about them.

The lovely Rebekah Jordan who helped put this night together.


The flowers were just gorgeous!

Entertainment for the evening was Alfredo Muro.

Jeff (below) is one of the main founders of FACES.

Tom (below) is the other main founder of FACES.

An overall shot of the event.

The man below was so generous. He not only offered up his house for the event, but donated funds for multiple surgeries.

These girls raised over $300 for FACES just by asking people in their community.

Guests in the crowd helped FACES reach the evening goal by donating on the spot. People were so generous.

The end. It was a fabulous event with fabulous people. I would really encourage you all to check out the FACES Foundation at www.facesfoundation.org.

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.