Exciting Studio News!

As it turns out people do read my blog!! Amazing. In just a few short months the Soul Mates Photography blog as reached over 2,000 hits!! 2,247 hits to be exact... since May!! I'm so excited and so tremendously thankful to all my blog readers and photo lovers out there. So, to celebrate I'm giving away a $25 gelato gift card!! If you love ice cream just as much as I do you'll jump on this one fast! Enter to win by giving me a email shout out at soulmatesphoto@gmail.com and tell me your favorite 2008 summer memory. I'll draw one (maybe two) lucky winners (by putting your names in a hat and having my husband pick) on Friday September 19th! Good luck, and may the one who loves gelato win!

One more item of business... remember a few months ago when I wrote a blog telling you I wanted your feedback? I was serious! 3 lucky people will be receiving a gift from me because I value what they have to say. Benita and Richard will be receiving a blockbuster gift card because that's their favorite date night; Paula G. and Arlene L. will be receiving a Starbucks gift card because I know they love coffee. Thanks again for your feedback, I truly value what you all have to day.

Okay, just one more thing I promise :) I have taken note to all the people who have answered the poll that just ended... you know the one about what type of posting you want to see more of... so I have been including more client images with each post. I will also be including a few personal posts and more photo tips here and there. Thanks for your opinions!
Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.