Anya-- a carefree 4 year old

I don't think Anya sat still for more than 3 minutes... she tried out every swing, every, teeter totter, and every bench at Columbia Park. I'm not sure how her mom and grandma keep up! I sure did get my workout in for the day :)

When we first began the session Anya's mom had a little talk with her. She sat her down and said something like this. "Anya, remember what we talked about? Melissa is a photographer and is going to take pictures of you today. She's got special eyes." Of course this intrigued Anya and she began to stare at me. A smile swept across my face once I realized how she had interpreted the phrase "special eyes". I proceed to open these special eyes of mine really big. I bent down to her level and asked if she could see anything different?? Anya giggled.

Anya's reward for being good for the session was a swim in the water fountain at Jamison Square in The Pearl. I think that might have been her favorite... Check them out...

I love this one simply because it is a huge part of being a child.

Anya being silly with mom.

This is the "ice cream smile."

This one below might just be my favorite. It's romantic, soft and almost antique-- something you don't see that often anymore in child portraits.

A quite moment with mom and that dangerous bottom lip!

I hope you all enjoyed the images! Thanks for visiting, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mate Photography.