Zoey and Alex- Married!

Meet Zoey and Alex, once you do they will be your best friends- well, I can't promise that but I can promise that's how they made me feel on their wedding day. I, as one of their photographers, felt taken care of, fed and loved.

I had such a great time at their wedding. Zoey's got one of those infectious joyful laughs. I loved it! All through the ceremony, the toasts and the dance at any given time you could hear her. It made me smile to know she was having a wonderful time! Alex and Zoey are both actors and full of goofy energy, in fact so were their guests! I have never seen people so eager to get out on the dance floor. It was just a beautiful day-- I even had the pleasure of photographing with my borther-in-law at Robert H Photography. Thanks Robby! Anyway, I know everyone had a blast :) Enjoy the images!!

Yes, the iphone made it's debut. That's the brides bro taking a pic of her :)

This might be my favorite photo of the day...

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