My favorite client

He's smart, he's hysterical, he's gorgeous, and..... he's TAKEN.

Sorry, ladies. He's mine :) So, I might be a tad bit biased when I say he's my favorite client. Nevertheless, he is my favorite.

I don't usually schedule family members for photo shoots but this event was an exception. When I returned home from a long trip to central Cali a few weeks back my husband, Josh, picked me up and he was wearing this gorilla type mask on the lower part of his face. Yes, "The Beard" was back.

At first I thought he was workin' it. It being "The Beard". Very manly, I thought. It's a new leaf and I can live with that. After a few moments I gathered my girlish sense and I got to thinking. I decided I didn't like this version of Josh as much as the old version. The softer version. I missed the clean shaved version. So, we compromised.

Now, If we had a secret handshake I'm pretty sure we would have used it. But the deal was if I would take pictures of "The Beard" he'd shave it. So, folks.... we scheduled a photo shoot.

To my husband-- you look awesome, and it helps that you ARE awesome. You are my favorite, my one and only... with or without "The Beard." Happy Anniversary! :)

The one above make me laugh so hard :)

Thanks for viewing these! If you're a photographer looking for different locations this was shot on and around NE Fremont Street.

For those of you who are or might be clients of mine this might seem vaguely familiar because you most likely met me on this street before you hired me :)

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



amelia said...

you talked about your husband a lot yesterday

and i didn't really know what to expect him to look like
but he is pretty cute

and pretty dang lucky


Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Thanks Ameila! I hope I didn't talk too much about him :)

I has such a great time with you last night!! I can't wait to show you the images :)