Joey's 1 year old already??

I've known Joey's mom and dad for awhile now, but the funny thing is we have always lived states apart. When I lived in So Cal they lived in Portland. And the same season I moved to Portland they moved to So Cal! Well... I guess there's something about this place that just draws you in 'cause Joey and his family moved back to Portland this summer!! Anyway, I met Joey for the first time at his one year old photo shoot.

We scheduled a early morning session so Joey would be at his best. By 9am we were at Cook Park in Tualatin shooting away. Some of my favorite shots are of mom and dad doing the normal day-to-day things. They know how to make him happy-- throw him over dad's shoulder, help him bounce, or just let him crawl around.

And excuse me, how cute is this little man? Is he not the new Gerber baby?? I am such a sucker for those 2 bottom teeth. Too cute!

Thanks to Joey and his parents for spending the morning with me :) I hope you enjoy!

Caught red handed trying to eat bark chips!

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Annette said...

Wow, those are so great! We love them and are so excited to see all the rest of them. :-) Thanks so much for all your great work!