Jennifer--a portrait session with a flair for fashion

Jennifer was up for anything. She claims she was a tomboy growing up although I believe otherwise. Sorry Jen! She's gorgeous, fun loving and her stories are intriguing. Jen spends her time working with high school students at a local youth group in Chico, California.

I am so glad I met her-- We had a blast picking out outfits, exploring art laden walls and sneaking into train cars. It was even fun to run into her at Hula's after Church in Chico. That's one thing that tends to happen a bunch in small towns-- it seems you are bumping into people all over town! This session was another one of my Chico photo sessions. I hope to hang out with this gorgeous girl next time I'm in town. Check it out!

Jen purchased the dress below from her Italian aunt while they were visiting in Italy. If I were only so lucky to have an Italian boutique owning aunt. If that makes sense :)

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.