Out of Town--Road Trip!!

It's that time of year again; life is insane, planning is in full swing and our dog is neglected because we are putting in long hours at work. Turns out we're getting less sleep 'cause we're trying to wrap things up... and all this because we are going on VACATION!

I will be out of town (on a REAL vacation) from August 29th returning September 9th. Make sure you stop back because I will be blogging about our trip-- ahem, road trip, when we return. If you've always wanted to see more of Oregon make sure you check out the blog after September 9th 'cause I'll be a blogging maniac.

Check out the map above my darling husband made for us. We are road tripping, with a dog, driving 4 hours a day and camping the entire way. Maybe it's not a "real" vacation after all :) Just Kidding!! I can't wait to see it all!

I hope you all have a happy week. If you have any suggestions post them here. I'll take any advice I can get!

Joey's 1 year old already??

I've known Joey's mom and dad for awhile now, but the funny thing is we have always lived states apart. When I lived in So Cal they lived in Portland. And the same season I moved to Portland they moved to So Cal! Well... I guess there's something about this place that just draws you in 'cause Joey and his family moved back to Portland this summer!! Anyway, I met Joey for the first time at his one year old photo shoot.

We scheduled a early morning session so Joey would be at his best. By 9am we were at Cook Park in Tualatin shooting away. Some of my favorite shots are of mom and dad doing the normal day-to-day things. They know how to make him happy-- throw him over dad's shoulder, help him bounce, or just let him crawl around.

And excuse me, how cute is this little man? Is he not the new Gerber baby?? I am such a sucker for those 2 bottom teeth. Too cute!

Thanks to Joey and his parents for spending the morning with me :) I hope you enjoy!

Caught red handed trying to eat bark chips!

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

My favorite client

He's smart, he's hysterical, he's gorgeous, and..... he's TAKEN.

Sorry, ladies. He's mine :) So, I might be a tad bit biased when I say he's my favorite client. Nevertheless, he is my favorite.

I don't usually schedule family members for photo shoots but this event was an exception. When I returned home from a long trip to central Cali a few weeks back my husband, Josh, picked me up and he was wearing this gorilla type mask on the lower part of his face. Yes, "The Beard" was back.

At first I thought he was workin' it. It being "The Beard". Very manly, I thought. It's a new leaf and I can live with that. After a few moments I gathered my girlish sense and I got to thinking. I decided I didn't like this version of Josh as much as the old version. The softer version. I missed the clean shaved version. So, we compromised.

Now, If we had a secret handshake I'm pretty sure we would have used it. But the deal was if I would take pictures of "The Beard" he'd shave it. So, folks.... we scheduled a photo shoot.

To my husband-- you look awesome, and it helps that you ARE awesome. You are my favorite, my one and only... with or without "The Beard." Happy Anniversary! :)

The one above make me laugh so hard :)

Thanks for viewing these! If you're a photographer looking for different locations this was shot on and around NE Fremont Street.

For those of you who are or might be clients of mine this might seem vaguely familiar because you most likely met me on this street before you hired me :)

Thanks for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Doing anything Thursday the 28th?

Have you heard of the FACES Foundation? Would you like to help be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do I sound like I am asking for your support?

Well, I am! FACES is a wonderful non-profit consisting of Doctors and other volunteers who visit Spanish Speaking countries to preform cleft surgeries. Many who receive the medical care are those who don't have helth coverage, money or even means to get to a hospital. Learn more about FACES by clicking here.

FACES is holding a event this Thursday at a gorgeous estate with fabulous music and yummy food. If you are interested in helping or attending please let me know and I can dish you the info.

Be sure to check back later this week for images of the event... I'll be there photographing and volunteering my time, I hope to see you there too!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend... although the weather was iffy on Sunday, Saturday was fabulous! I got the chance to go backstage at City Fest 2008 where there were estimates of 75,000 people on the waterfront. Seriously, I have never seen so many people in one place at one time. I love the energy that people bring! Louis Palau is a awesome speaker and just nails it every time. He seems to evoke an emotion so deep within us we usually choose to ignore it. And of course, what would an event be with out a little music?

Below (and above) Kirk Franklin and his gang.

Drummer from Kutless.

Jon Micah from Kutless.

Kids watching from the Morrison bridge.

Some volunteers backstage...

Guitarist, Nick, from Kutless.

Kutless, again.

I only brought my camera on Friday, therefore don't have images from Saturday. However, I sure did enjoy the show! Did anyone go?? Post a comment if you did :)

Genavee and Zach - Married!!

About a month before Genavee and Zach's wedding I met the bride-to-be at a local bakery to discuss and iron out final details. This was the first time meeting her only because the couple had been finishing up their undergrad in Utah where they met. When I approached Genavee I smiled because I knew through our phone and email conversations she was going to be a joy to work with. She's always smiling and always happy. I think Zach totally lucked out and snagged a good one :)

During the course of our meeting Genavee gave me detailed directions to the LDS Temple in Lake Oswego in addition to directions to the reception area in Beaverton. Very organized! I'm very appreciative and continue to listen... she goes on to say she would love it if there was time to incorporate more urban background into their portraits, for example brick and such. I thought-- great... right up my alley! Minor detail-- we have to find urban on the way from LO to Beaverton. Time to take a different approach than the "typical urban." When I think urban, I think downtown. So where did we go...where else but the mall?! Who would have thought? They are unique and I guarantee no one else has anything like this. Thanks to Washington Square for providing the awesome backdrop and to the LDS Temple for having a sweet reflecting pool... and of course to Genavee, Zach and their amazing family for being a pleasure to work with... Check 'em out!

The whole gang met at the temple for family portraits.

Genavee and her mom.

Zack and his mom.

Genavee's dress was gorgeous!!! I just loved her train :)

I love this sweet tender moment between the two newlyweds...

I love this image because of how intense Genavee's eyes are (and of course the b&w stripes)

On to the reception...

This is Genavee's little sister in pig tails.

Proud dad...

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