Welcome Home

Quite a few exciting things happened this weekend-- some work related, some not. And honestly, I don't know if it's the sunshine or just my wonderful mood, but they were all great!

1. I had 2 portrait sessions, which means I met 2 wonderful families :) You will have to keep checking back to see the blog about each of them.
2. I went to a few garage sales and got 4 adorable Christmas mugs for 2 dollars- total! Steal of a deal.
3. Saw past clients for a quick hello-- Briana and Galen. They got married at the beginning of this month. I'm secretly jealous of their honeymoon. I'm dying to get to New York.
4. Our good friends had their little baby-- and it turns out it's a girl! Hurrah!
5. I suckered my husband into taking a NEEDED trip to Lowe's on Sunday and this is what we ended up with...

A new light fixture, new numbers and a matching door handle. I am SO thrilled. You see, we got our house painted to this super sunny combo well over a month ago. It's been sans light fixture and address numbers for over a month in addition to sporting a gold door knob (which clashes with the yellow door). I am so happy our house went from dark brown body color and an even darker brown trim to sunny and bright. Viola! House Makeover complete!