Kema- Rocking High School Rep.

She loves working with kids, she's a future track star, and the youngest of a family of 6. Kema is a sweet girl who rocks out to Usher's "Moving Mountains" and loves shopping on her free time. She told me she prefers running shoes to heals. But then again, don't we all?! :)

Kema is one of my High School Representatives. We met for a two hour photo session at a local park with a track. It's so important to capture people in their element, doing what makes them "so them." In Kema's case it's track and field.

We later ditched the workout clothes for a smashing outfit and we are off to NE Alberta Street for a modern edgy look. I love it when clients are into mixing this urban landscape into their portraits. The juxtaposition between the subject and rough brick is just one of my faves! Check it out...



paula gamble said...

once again girl - bravo!