Brian & Lindsey to Mr. & Mrs.

Brian and Lindsey were just a riot! They were laughing and joking around from the moment I met them. Poking fun at each other, laughing with their bridal party or just simply giggling, these two will no doubt be exercising the saying "laughter is the best medicine" remedy.

Their wedding was held in their family's church in Lake Tahoe, CA. The reception was held at the bride's parents gorgeous residence. The backyard reception was just beautiful. Their property backs to a national forest-- so they have no concern of neighbors other than a friendly bunny rabbit or two. As they say "pictures are worth a thousand words" and Lord knows this is a long post, so just check it out...!

I guess someone was a little eager to get their jump on...

Trainin' them early :)

The reception details were so cute. Robins egg blue was incorporated throughout.

The grooms parents secretly fed each other cake too. So adorable!

This was the most enthusiastic group of single women to date! Look at them dive!

And they're off! Mr. and Mrs....

I had the pleasure of photographing with my borther-in-law at Robert H Photography. Thanks Robby. Thanks for visiting everyone! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.