Biola Graduation

Last month... ahem, two months ago (jeez!) My husband, Josh, and I flew down to socal to see my brother graduate college. I'm so proud of him! He graduated from Biola University with honors from the Torry program. I can't believe my younger brother has not only graduated from college, but has graduated with a BA in Philosophy. I am astounded by how much he has matured in the last few years. He's going on to complete his MFA in London. What a stud.

Anyway, I ran across this image (because, of course, I was photographing) and I think it's the epitome of graduations. :) Now, for the record I love my parents-- but how can you not laugh at this? We've all been there. And in some cases a few of us have been in the shoes of both the parent AND the graduate. Congrats Kev!



Mortgage Freedom & Financial Services, Inc. said...

That epitomizes graduations and more specifically your lovely family! I love it!