Brian & Lindsey to Mr. & Mrs.

Brian and Lindsey were just a riot! They were laughing and joking around from the moment I met them. Poking fun at each other, laughing with their bridal party or just simply giggling, these two will no doubt be exercising the saying "laughter is the best medicine" remedy.

Their wedding was held in their family's church in Lake Tahoe, CA. The reception was held at the bride's parents gorgeous residence. The backyard reception was just beautiful. Their property backs to a national forest-- so they have no concern of neighbors other than a friendly bunny rabbit or two. As they say "pictures are worth a thousand words" and Lord knows this is a long post, so just check it out...!

I guess someone was a little eager to get their jump on...

Trainin' them early :)

The reception details were so cute. Robins egg blue was incorporated throughout.

The grooms parents secretly fed each other cake too. So adorable!

This was the most enthusiastic group of single women to date! Look at them dive!

And they're off! Mr. and Mrs....

I had the pleasure of photographing with my borther-in-law at Robert H Photography. Thanks Robby. Thanks for visiting everyone! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Out of town-- Lake Tahoe Wedding

Hi Friends! At the moment I am out of town with limited access to phone and email... but as you can see I have successfully found an Internet connection! Today was spent photographing the rehearsal for a Lake Tahoe wedding! Lindsay and Matt are gettin' hitched tomorrow. Stay tuned for their wedding photos (that's them in the upper right). Here are a few non- wedding, but very summer appropriate images. I hope it gets you in the mood for a great weekend! Check it out....

Thank for visiting! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography

Birth Announcement... Little Harrison.

You might remember this little bundle of joy from a few months ago...Here's his baby blue boy baby announcement I put together for his mom. When I shoot a newborn session I like to create a baby announcement for my new moms using a few of their child's portraits. It's just my little gift to them.

Orr-Blue Family Session

Meet the Orr-Blue Family. They found Soul Mates Photography through our neighborhood newsletter! So very exciting. When this family called they said they were celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary, they continued to say they never got any good wedding pictures... that's the saddest things to a photographers ears. They also wanted to showcase the city in their family portraits, so we scheduled our session on the East Bank Esplanade. I even convinced them to venture down to the'll see what happened when you scroll down :)

This family was wonderful... they never stopped laughing, making fun of each other or just goofing around.... Happy Anniversary!

Sorry about the little splash guys... I love Doesha's face! :)

Thanks for a great afternoon! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography

I want your feedback...

Well hello there... This posting is about growth and ideas...

One thing (among many others) I feel is essential in life is growth, with a capital G. If we are the same people we were 5 years, 2 years or even 6 months ago have we taken anything from our experiences? Soul Mates Photography is adapting the same approach to life-- funny how that works :) but seriously, as a boutique studio catering to our clients (and readers) how are we cater to you if we don't get feedback?

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Spunky Jasmine

She wants to be a singer, she's into reggae, and she even attends Alberta Street's Last Thursday art show. Meet Jasmine, the spunkiest 5 year old I have yet to spend time with. She loves polka dots, kiwi muffins (I never knew there was such a thing) and attention :)

Jasmine's mom wanted a "more urban " session. I love it! Alberta Street was the perfect place... We were able to incorporate graffiti, café doors and ally ways all within a few blocks of each other. Jasmine herself was a trooper. She made it through the 2 hour session! I think she got rewarded for that...! Lucky girl.

Thanks! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.