Bonnie and Cy- Wedding

Congrats to Bonnie and Cy who managed to tie the knot amidst the festivities of the US open in Del Mar, CA! They choose the Seagrove Park in Del Mar as their ceremony location because it's been the bride's favorite summer vacation spot ever since she was young. The reception was just a few steps away in this yummy, yummy place-- Pacifica Del Mar. I feel so blessed to have witnessed this gorgeous wedding between two gorgeous people. Enjoy the images!
Thanks for stopping by! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Bonnie was such a pretty bride. Did you photograph the wedding? I love the pics you posted and can't wait to see more :)


Melissa with soul mates photography said...

Hi Kara, I know-- she was beautiful! I'll see if I can share the link with you!

mylpcard said...

Wow very strong work here..i will have to steal a few ideas if you dont mind :)